preset pack

      Elevate your branding photography.


      A Pack of 9 High-end Natural Lightroom Presets to take your business photography to

      the next level.

      Discover this pack of exclusive presets which I've been developing and using myself for years as a professional branding photographer of conscious brands. This pack will give you 6 color presets and 3 black & white presets to apply to your own photos to give them a natural, yet professional look.

      Business Photography

      Made Simple.

      This Natural Preset Pack is All I Use For My Own Editing.

      I've been a professional branding photographer for over 4+ years now. I love working with natural light, a muted color palette and minimalistic settings. I'm not a fan of overly edited or filtered photos —I love for my images to still retain their natural look. I have often bought preset packs before that just didn't match the pure aesthetic I was after: enhancing the natural beauty of my photographs, without looking too processed.

      Over time working with conscious brands and soul people, I've developed my own natural editing style which I now want to share with you. My mission is to encourage you to be as authentic as possible in your photos, and this Lightroom preset pack will help you do so.

      I use these presets as a basis for all my photoshoots. I first developed the Natural preset, the other followed gradually as I enhanced my editing workflow over time.

      I believe that these presets are all you need for editing your photos in a natural, minimalistic way.

      Preview the PRESETS


      See the presets in action with some real life examples of branding photoshoots I did! The Lightroom presets are perfect for portrait and branding photography, but can also be used for product, lifestyle and even fashion photography.

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